Danii children cancer's charity

My Charities

I am raising money for 3 seperate organisations.

1) Children's Oncology Ward, Virgen Del Rocio Hospital , Sevilla.

We will buy much needed equipment for medical equipment and improve things for patient and parent comfort.

2) Fundacion Pequeno Deseo, a charity that provides much needed special trips for children and their families. Trips are organised for children suffering from serious illness and terminal illness.

Registration number 28/1148, founded in 2000. Registro de Fundaciones del Ministerio de Sanidad, Politica Social e lgualdad 28/1148.

3) Andex. The Association of Parents of Children with Cancer. This organisation specialises in supporting both the child and the parents. Psychological support, financial to support transport, medication, families where the parents had to give up their jobs to look after their child, accommadation so families can stay close to the hospital and education for children while in hospital.

Registration number 473.Registro General de Entidades de Voluntariado de Andalucía, con el Nº 473